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How do I see my IB assessment results?


How Do I Access My IB Scores and What Should I Do With Them?

Students were given a Personal Code and a PIN in a paper packet by their classroom teachers in May. Teachers asked students to take a photo of that information so that it would be available in the summer.

Once you have your code and your PIN, please go to the Candidates Results Page on the IB website and enter your informaiton. Your results will appear.

Remember that if you are a senior, you could have asked IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Alison Scanlon, and IB Diploma Programme Counseling Liaison, John Fleck, to send your scores to you college before June 25, which would have been arranged before you saw your results. If you have not done so and would like to arrange this yourself, please have a credit card ready for the $17 fee and follow the instructions on this page of the IB's website.

Juniors should arrange this at the end of their senior year.

Remember that sometimes college credits are awarded for IB scores. Other times, placement credit can be arranged. For example, a student earning a qualifying score (typically a 4 or better) in IB Psychology SL might be able to take Psychology 102 in college, instead of starting with Psychology 101. Students are encouraged to share IB scores and courses with their college advisors to see whether credit or placement advantages can be conferred.