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Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)

Academic Enrichment Program (A.E.P.)


Participation in co-curricular activities is part of the educational program at Somers High School. Students’ first priority should be their academic responsibilities. Students who participate in co-curricular activities are expected to maintain academic eligibility each marking period by not failing more than one subject. In addition, athletes must be passing physical education.


To be eligible to participate in high school co-curricular activities and sports, Somers High School students must meet the following criteria:

  • All freshmen, sophomores and juniors must take a minimum of 6 ½ credits each semester, including Physical Education. Seniors must take a minimum of 5 ½ credits each semester, including Physical Education. Independent Study cannot be counted toward these credit minimums.
  • All students who receive a grade below 70 will be required to attend the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP). Coaches will be notified if a student-athlete on their team is placed in the Academic Enrichment Program.
  • Once a student starts in the AEP, they must attend three sessions over a two week period (3 total sessions). Sessions will be offered three times a week, once during lunch and twice after school.
  • If any student does not attend the required sessions, they will be assigned mandatory sessions by the Athletic Director. If a student continues not to attend, they will face consequences such as no practice(s) or contests.
  • For the Fall season, AEP will begin at the start of the school year, using the students grades from the end of the 4th Quarter. Through Schoology gradebook, we will be able to monitor any student-athlete falling below the minimum 70 average.
  • The mandatory Academic Enrichment Program will meet during lunch on Mondays and on Wednesday and Thursday after school. The student-athlete will report to a designated area from 2:10 pm-2:50 pm to work with a teacher and/or student tutor.
  • Once a student reaches a grade of 70 or above, that student will no longer be required to attend AEP.

Academic Ineligibility (Probation) Policy

  • Any student that is failing two or more courses may continue to practice with the team but shall not be eligible to play in an athletic contest until meeting the requirements listed above.
  • During the period of ineligibility, students may continue to participate with their teams. However, participation in contests may not resume until eligibility is reinstated.
  • In order to regain eligibility to participate in athletic competitions, student-athletes must attain passing grades in all subjects.