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Academic Support Center

What is the Academic Support Center (ASC)?

The Academic Support Center is a place where students can receive academic and organizational support from SHS staff throughout the school day.

No matter a student’s academic level – Regents, Honors, AP, IB, or DE, all students access the ASC when struggling to master a specific content topic or academic skill.  Many students are formally scheduled into ASC for routine support while others drop in during lunch, a free period, or study hall. We offer support in English, Social Studies, Math, World Language, Science and study/organizational skills at various times throughout the day. Please refer to the schedule posted online as well as outside of the Academic Support Center door.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Lindsay Cannone

ASC Schedule

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Why should a student utilize the Academic Support Center?

An important developmental piece of high school is learning self-advocacy and learning when to go for help. Struggling through a problem is incredibly important - up to a point. When that healthy struggle turns to frustration, students need to know that it’s time to use the help readily available at SHS. Just the process of going for help is a healthy experience for a student and a positive sign of maturity. Getting support in ASC combats academic frustration and builds confidence for the next struggle ahead!

Where is the Academic Support Center?

We are located on the second floor in room 221.

Who can utilize the Academic Support Center?

Any student who attends SHS can utilize the services of the Academic Support Center.

Please also remember that while the Academic Support Center is a wonderful place for a student to receive support, a student’s content area teachers are available for extra help and they are truly the first line of defense!

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