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School-Based Clinical Services

School-based clinical therapeutic services are available at SHS and SMS.  Here are some essential points about these services:

  • Somers students in grades 6-12 will now be able to access therapeutic services within the school building. Our providing therapist also partners with a prescribing psychiatrist through telehealth services to address medication management.
  • These services are different from school-based mental health supports, as students can engage in therapy in the same way they would with an outside service provider. The same level of confidentiality exists, as the therapist is not a school employee, but is contracted through funding from a NYS grant and Student Assistance Services.
  • Services are paid for through Student Assistance Services, which will work with most insurance plans or on a sliding direct pay scale.
  • Parents call Student Assistance Services directly (see attached) to inquire about availability.
  • Bilingual and family services are available.
  • These services are intended for students not currently under another private therapist's care.
SASCC Clinic Flyer Marleny Lemus Martinez
First page of the PDF file: SASCCClinicFlyerMarlenyLemusMartinez
SASCC Clinic Flyer Spanish
First page of the PDF file: SASCCClinicFlyerSpanish