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Student Assistance Services

About Student Assistance

Student Assistance Services Corporation is an outside agency that Somers partners with to provide alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention, education, and counseling services to students. These services are intended to identify students experiencing and/or at high risk for substance-related problems, and to intervene early on.

Jessica Pereira is our current Student Assistance Counselor, who has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, as well as specialized training in prevention and early intervention strategies with adolescents at risk of engaging in substance-related issues. Ms. Pereira is available to meet with 9-12th grade students individually and in small groups for education and prevention activities to correct erroneous perceptions about substance use, and to teach students skills to identify and resist social/situational pressures to use substances. Ms. Pereira is also a great support resource for students who may be struggling with any personal, peer, school, or family related issues, as this may be an indicator of high risk for possible substance use.


"Parenting for Prevention" is a monthly newsletter to help parents understand current trends, new information found, and ways to intervene.

Contact Information

Jessica Pereira, MSW
Student Assistance Counselor
(914) 248-8585 ext. 4610